What Happened to the Gonzo Tinnitus Forum?

Years ago, the Gonzo Tinnitus Forum was formed to create a space for those suffering from tinnitus to share resources and support one another. Tinnitus can be an incredibly isolating condition, but the forum was a safe space for individuals to share their stories together.

What was once a small community online exploded into a huge forum, with over 69,000 posts, 3865 total topics and nearly 200 members.

There aren’t as many tinnitus communities compared to other conditions, so Gonzo was a really helpful space online. By communicating with others going through the same thing, it could help make you feel less lonely while you try to navigate this confusing and uncomfortable condition. Positive support from others can always help and Gonzo provided that possibility.

What Happened to the Gonzo Tinnitus Forum?

While the forum is still available online, it’s not as active as it once was. Users will still post every once in awhile, but the activity has slowed down in recent years.

Thankfully all previous posts are available to read, whether they are active or not. If you’re looking for information on tinnitus, it’s a great place to start and learn from others who are going through the same thing as you.

The Gonzo Tinnitus Forum originally started on the Yuku platform. However in 2016, Yuku was acquired by Tapatalk where the Gonzo forum currently still lives. All of the previous Yuku forums and boards were migrated to Tapatalk by July 2017. This means all Yuku.com addresses redirect to Tapatalk.com and Yuku no longer exists.

What is the Gonzo Tinnitus Forum?

What are the best resources on the forum?

While the Gonzo Forum for tinnitus isn’t as active as it once was, there is still a lot of useful information and resources available.

Started back in 2007, one of the most popular discussions on the forum is about where tinnitus comes from. One of the main questions discussed is “why, in the absence of an obvious external source for the ringing (like the telephone), do we assume that ringing in the ears must be coming from the ears?”

The debate continues on where does tinnitus come from – an issue with the ears themselves, or from something deeper?

One commenter Freddie added their opinion about this condition, wondering if there is another reason for tinnitus apart from the cochlea and hair cells, which is often cited as the issue:

“There are many conditions … that seem to come from, (more often than not), one of the senses. Take touch, folk can have tingling, pain etc, in their hands, but at the end of the day it is usually found to be little to do with the hands, but the neural areas implicated with touch, or even the pathways, and remember they can be afferent and efferent.

Take blindsight folk, here too often there is nothing wrong with the visual process in any way, but a stroma on the visionary cortex, so here again we cannot blame the eyes.

I also believe it might be sheathing deterioration and random firing in areas not related to the ears, but there are few areas in the brain that are not related in some way anyway.”

Freddie, written on the Gonzo Tinnitus Forum

By creating a safe space, users are able to share their thoughts and experiences with tinnitus and potentially learn about other ways of dealing with it.

Another great resource on the Gonzo Forum is about sudden hearing loss. The thread starts with one user reporting that he felt his right ear plug up suddenly, as if there was water in it. “It feels like I have lost a fair amount of hearing in that ear, and the tinnitus has increased greatly in intensity,” he writes.

Tinnitus is still very much unknown and can be incredibly frustrating for those suffering from it. The thread continues to follow this users journey to understanding his sudden hearing loss, including all the tests and medicines prescribed.

Unfortunately, it seems that hearing loss is still not regarded as urgent or serious as other conditions. Even though he had significant loss of hearing in his right ear, he struggled to find a doctor or specialist that would see him sooner than two weeks. Thankfully, other users on the Gonzo Tinnitus Forum were able to offer support and suggestions while he navigated this issue.

The online forum was also a great place to ask questions about users experiences with different tinnitus products, such as Quiet Mind Plus or Silence Complete. That way, those dealing with tinnitus could better understand which products they should avoid and which products have shown some positive results. Unfortunately, there are numerous ineffective tinnitus programs out there, such as the Tonaki Tinnitus Protocol, so it can be confusing navigating these products alone.

Are there any alternatives to the Gonzo Forum?

With the internet and technology expanding, there are more and more places to learn about tinnitus and share resources together than ever before. So while the Gonzo Tinnitus Forum has slowed down in recent years, there are other spaces online that can provide useful information as well.

Alternatives to the Gonzo Tinnitus Forum
Reddit is a great resource for a new tinnitus community

Reddit is a great resource for sharing knowledge while still being part of a community. The subreddit for tinnitus is thriving with nearly 9,000 subscribers. This space is for “for community help and general discussion about tinnitus. Share your experiences with others who can relate.” Many people with this condition know how helpful it can be to share your experiences with each other and learn more about how others deal with their symptoms.

There are other various resources online that can be helpful for those suffering from tinnitus. Dr. Nagler’s Tinnitus Corner is a great option for learning more about this condition. While this forum doesn’t substitute visiting a medical practitioner, Dr. Nagler is able to provide suggestions for users experiencing different degrees of tinnitus.

Individuals can post their specific questions to Dr. Nagler, who usually responds very quickly. Questions vary from concerns over sudden tinnitus spikes, to the usefulness of sound therapy, to even tinnitus and depression. The forum has over 650 different topics and 3,231 individual posts, so there is no lack of information. While Dr. Nagler has since retired from clinical practice, he accepts Skype or telephone consultations, while still maintaining his Q&A forum.

The American Tinnitus Association is another useful tool in navigating your tinnitus. With numerous resources and articles, you can also find local tinnitus health care providers to help your symptoms specifically. You can also find support networks, patient stories and treatment options for tinnitus through the ATA.


Just because the Gonzo Tinnitus Forum isn’t as active as it once was, it’s still a great resource to learn more about tinnitus and be part of a community. In addition, all old posts are still available to read so you won’t miss out on any previous information.

If you’re looking for more, there are numerous other spaces online that can provide shared knowledge of tinnitus, how to cope with the associated symptoms and a space to vent your frustrations when needed. Websites like Reddit, Dr. Nagler’s Tinnitus Corner and the American Tinnitus Association are great places to start when looking for more information about tinnitus.

No matter where you go, make sure not to face tinnitus alone. It can be a very isolating and confusion condition, but reaching out to those in the same situation as you can make a huge positive difference.

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