Silencis Pro Tinnitus Supplement

Silencis Pro – Another Ineffective Tinnitus Supplement?


Those who suffer from tinnitus have been on the lookout to find the best product to reduce their symptoms. Was Silencis Pro an effective tinnitus treatment? Unfortunately, it doesn’t seem like it.

Silencis Pro was a dietary supplement that claimed it could reduce, and even eliminate, tinnitus symptoms. Unfortunately, this echos other ineffective tinnitus supplements like Silence Complete.

It’s difficult to find real information about Silencis Pro since the official website has since been taken down. This was originally linked to and, but both have since shut down.

Silencis Pro Review

A few reviews have reported that the creator of Silencis Pro, Charles W. Brighton, pointed the cause of tinnitus in a unique direction. Most of the medical community believe the cause of tinnitus can be related to an injury to the ear canal, including extended exposure to loud noise, or brought on by age. Brighton believes, however, that tinnitus is a neurological problem that is taken place entirely inside the brain. He believes this problem is brought on by a deficiency of vital B vitamins and other nutrients which can be hard to get from your daily diet.

That’s where Silencis Pro comes in.

Brighton believed this supplement would provide tinnitus sufferers with the needed vitamins and nutrients they require to eliminate tinnitus symptoms. Based on the honest, unbiased reviews we could find, and the fact that the product is no longer on the market, it seems Silencis Pro was not effective.

The company behind Silencis Pro was Functional And Restorative Medicine LLC that was located in Dover, Delaware, USA. However, it seems their company website has since shut down as well.

Silencis Pro Ingredients

Similar to other tinnitus supplements, the ingredients in Silencis Pro included:

Vitamins B3, B6, B9, B12, and C
Hibiscus Flower
Hawthorn Berry
Olive Leaf Extract
Buchu Leaves
Green Tea
Juniper Berry
Uva Ursi

These ingredients might sound similar because they are exactly those found in Quiet Mind Plus, another tinnitus supplement that was supposed to stop the ringing in the ears sensation.

Quiet Mind Plus ingredients included:

Vitamin B3, B6, B9, B12, and C
Hibiscus Flower
Hawthorn Berry
Olive Leaf Extract
Buchu Leaves
Green Tea
Juniper Berry
Uva Ursi

Just like Silencis Pro, Quiet Mind Plus has since shut down and has been taken off the market. We don’t know the quantities or percentages of the ingredients, but we do know that both supplements contained the same elements. Unfortunately, both were riddled with poor reviews.

When researching the benefits of these ingredients when writing the Quiet Mind Plus review, it seemed that there wasn’t much research linking these ingredients and tinnitus relief. There may be some connections, such as garlic and reducing ear pain, but many more studies and clinical trials will need to be completed before a conclusive link is made. Based on the reviews of both products, it’s clear that they were not effective for tinnitus sufferers.

Silencis Pro Cost and Refunds

Originally, the website offered three different options for ordering Silencis Pro. A single bottle was $69, three bottles were $59 per bottle and six bottles were $49 per bottle. Like many sketchy online products, the website claimed these options were available “today only” but the promotion seemed to be always running. It’s unsure if there were options for free shipping.

Customers were able to submit a claim for a refund 60 days from the date the product was originally shipped. Unfortunately, customers have stated in reviews that receiving a refund was very difficult.

Silencis Pro Reviews

As with most tinnitus treatments, individuals have gone online to see whether these products really work or not. Unfortunately for Silencis Pro, there doesn’t seem to be many positive and honest reviews.

On one message board, a user wrote: “I’d say that they are a scam and not a very original one. They posted a picture of someone they claim is their head researcher and that picture is actually clip art that they took from another site. Their whole schtik is claiming that tinnitus is caused by a nutritional deficiency and they want you to pay almost $70 for a bottle of their product.”

Another commenter wrote: “Have been trying to contact the Customer Service phone number provided on both my packing slip and their website, but consistently getting a ‘busy signal.’”

Three other customers commented about their experiences with Silencis Pro, with negative results.

“I bought six bottles because I was desperate to get some relief from the ringing and chirping in my ears. I did not see any immediate effects or improvement but decided to give it a good fair chance to work so I did not send it back thinking that the vitamins might be some benefit one way or another while hoping for some improvement. Today, I have about 10 tablets left – enough for 5 more days, after taking all of the other tablets as directed every day since I received them. I have not seen any improvement at all. The product does not work and is a total waste of money. My tinnitus is the same or maybe even worse.” – Darrell

“After more than 40 years of Tinnitus, I found Silencis Pro hoping for a cure. I bought six bottles. They promised a full refund if I was dissatisfied for any reason. I have called their listed telephone number repeatedly and get a recording that they are unable to complete my call and I should try again later. Bottom line, if you want an expensive vitamin supplement, this product may be for you. Otherwise, don’t waste your money.” – Ken

“Do not fall for the scam. I purchased three bottles because they offered a better price. I was desperately hoping for this product to work. When following the directions to a T and using the last of the second bottle, I called customer service, their very caring customer service. They say that they care in their ad, but when you call and say it doesn’t work, the story changes. Good luck getting your refund. Nobody contacted me as a follow-up. Sad but true, it doesn’t work. Save your money.” – Mark

Was Silencis Pro a scam?

Unfortunately for those suffering from tinnitus, many of the reviews online seem to be nearly identical. This is usually a good sign that the reviews were written by the same person and are not a honest and unbiased review of the product.

One review for Silencis Pro on CrockTock wrote: “We’ve decided to do a Silencis Pro Review after we’ve discovered what sparked the interest and dedication towards discovering the real cause of Tinnitus… it was actually a bizarre experiment conducted in the 1950’s on deaf people, researchers suggesting that debilitating tinnitus can be treated by simply cutting the auditory nerve. The idea was that as long as you are deaf, you won’t hear a thing, but you won’t have tinnitus. Instead, their tinnitus got even louder.”

A supplement review for Silencis Pro on Japan Media Review writes the exact same thing: “We’ve decided to do a Silencis Pro Review after we’ve discovered what sparked the interest and dedication towards discovering the real cause of Tinnitus… it was actually a bizarre experiment conducted in the 1950’s on deaf people. Back then, researchers suggested that debilitating tinnitus can be treated by cutting the auditory nerve. The idea was that as long as you are deaf, you won’t hear a thing, but you won’t have tinnitus. The results were disastrous since the patients who went along with it and got their auditory nerve surgically cut suffered tremendously, became completely deaf… but their tinnitus got even louder.”

These two reviews come up near the first page of results when searching for Silencis Pro which can be upsetting for tinnitus sufferers, knowing that two false reviews are often the first read when looking for a solution to tinnitus.

As mentioned by one of the honest reviews, the official Silencis Pro website used a stock image which they claimed to be the creator of the product, Charles W. Brighton. While it can be common for some companies to use fake photos instead of real pictures of the creator of the product, it doesn’t help the creditability of the company.

Silencis Pro Charles W. Brighton
This stock image was used on the official website. Although the company claimed this was Charles W. Brighton, creator of Silencis Pro, it’s actually a fake photo.


It seems Silencis Pro wasn’t effective as a tinnitus treatment and thankfully for tinnitus sufferers, it has since been taken off the market. Sadly, it seems to be a trend for companies to create “tinnitus cure supplements” that sell for a short period of time before being taken down.

From what we can tell, all official information about Silencis Pro has also been taken down – from their official websites, Facebook pages to their promotional Youtube videos.

Unfortunately for tinnitus sufferers, they will need to keep searching for a positive alternative to reduce their symptoms. With so many ineffective and sketchy products on the market, it’s important to do your research before buying into a new tinnitus treatment.

Healthy ingredients
Limited honest reviews
Duplicate of Quiet Mind Plus
Duplicate and Discontinued
With the same ingredients as the ineffective Quiet Mind Plus, it's no surprise that this tinnitus supplement was ineffective and now discontinued.

Quiet Mind is a blog dedicated to turning a critical eye to tinnitus treatments and supplements.  So many don’t work and are overhyped, we’re here to shed some light on some of the scams and successful products that claim to stop the ringing.


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